Welcome to R-Team Computers

R-TEAM is qualified to deliver service and support on various networking platforms including Windows Server 2019 & 2016, and Exchange 2019 & 2016 Enterprise Edition. We also offer VMWare ESXi 6.7 to help consolidate your server platforms and deliver specialized desktop management for the entire spectrum of Microsoft operating systems and their connectivity to the network.

As needs arise in your network, R-TEAM is just a phone call away with the answers to your questions or to help you find solutions for your business opportunities.

Response Time

For our contract Clients, R-TEAM will guarantee 4-hour response time during normal business hours within the local community. In addition to our office number, we can be contacted via cell phone. Clients may authorize us to have their network server page us when trouble is detected.

Intel Gold Provider

Intel Gold Providers are the preferred source for complete e-business solutions based on Intel products and technologies. Intel Premier Providers have validated their technical skills by completing extensive training and certification in the areas of system integration, network integration, and e-Business Data Center development, based on Intel products. They also have access to exclusive resources and information that help them recommend, implement and manage high quality Intel e-Business solutions. By combining leading Intel products and technologies with expert design and implementation, Intel Premier Providers deliver integrated solutions with the performance, functionality and reliability that are essential for e-Business success.

Intel Certification is a focused program for experienced technology professionals, Intel Certified Integration Specialists with a network infrastructure emphasis have successfully completed a series of exams to validate their skills in selecting, installing, maintaining, optimizing and configuring network infrastructure based on Intel solutions.

Intel Certified Integration Specialists with a network infrastructure focus are uniquely qualified to develop optimized networking systems using e-Commerce acceleration technology, switches, hubs, routers, server adapters and NIC. Additionally, all Intel Certified individuals have training and experience across the breadth of Intel’s business technology, including server integration and client/server management.