Home Line

Entry Level
Ideal systems for those demanding affordability but will not sacrifice on quality, reliability, and upgradeability. Great for internet, email, and basic word processing.

Gaming PC
Ideal for those demanding extreme performance for the newest games, including 3D capability!

Business Class

Business Class Desktop
Ideal systems for businesses needing to blend affordability with reliability, performance, and upgradeability.

R-Team can provide servers based upon quad-core (up to deca-core) Xeon CPU's in various rack mount or pedestal Server Platforms. In addition to single and dual processor servers based upon the most current Intel chassis with Intel server boards.


R-Team uses the newest Intel line of motherboards. These boards use the newest chipsets, and provide support for hi speed USB C, USB 3.0, SATA III, and PCIe 2.0 x16 video cards. With unparalleled support for bios and driver updates.

To ensure the widest possible compatibility with all programs, R-Team uses only Intel processors. We always offer all the newest chips, including i3, i5, and i7. These processors offer Dual, Quad, and even Hexacore configurations with Hyper-Threading Technology. Ideal for maximum multi-tasking! With SpeedStep Technology the system dynamically adjusts to give you more performance when you need it, and save energy when you don't.

Certified memory is a necessity for today's demanding applications. R-Team provides only top of the line tested memory.

R-TEAM is committed to providing customers with high quality custom systems. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of monitors, including ViewSonic, Panasonic, NEC and Sony. However, we can build a system with any monitor currently on the market. Multi-monitor configurations and 3D ready monitors are available.

Hard Drives
R-Team sells high quality Intel and Samsung Solid State Drives (SSD) 1TB and larger for the best performance, and with no mechanical parts offer the highest reliability for desktops. We also offer Seagate and Western Digital hard drives. SATA III drives come standard and can be purchased individually or with systems. SAS options are available for enterprise/server configurations.

Video Cards
R-Team uses all high performance video cards, base upon the Nvidia chip sets, the fastest in the industry or onboard video for basic business needs. ATI or other video cards can be specified.

All R-Team computers are fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10. Windows & Linux server software can be configured by our professionals. Open licenses are also available.