Warranty Information

R-TEAM provides a one year limited warranty, including parts and labor, on all R-TEAM installed retail CPUs, motherboards, memory, keyboards, mice, monitors, adapter products, and hard/DVD drives, to cover any defects arising out of manufacturing; and 30 days for OEM CPU chips. Printers and laptops are only covered under manufacturer's warranty. All warranty repairs and replacements are FOB R-TEAM. No returned material will be refunded after 15 days, and no returned material will be accepted unless it's in original condition with all material. In case R-TEAM, at its sole discretion, allows return after 15 days, a penalty charge of no less than 15% or no less than $200 shall apply. Customer agrees to make payment before due date; otherwise customer shall be responsible for all reasonable collection fees, late charges and interest, plus any attorneys fees and legal expenses. Data Transfer or Recovery services are not warranted in any way. It is the customer's responsibility to back up their data at regular intervals that they deem necessary i.e. daily, weekly, monthly or continually, both on and off-site. RAID solutions, while not a true backup, provide disk redundancy to help protect from physical disk failures may also help data integrity and should be considered. R-TEAM will not be responsible for any loss of data on any system in our store or on site. If the data is important back it up before there is a problem. The cost of a good backup solution is always cheaper than any data restoration/recovery! Returned checks are assessed a $30.00 returned check fee in addition to 1.5% per month interest from the date of purchase.

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